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Scripture Study at the Benedictine Peace Center

Study the BibleStudy the Scriptures — Listen with Your Heart

Our 2017 Lenten Scripture study groups have begun. We will begin another series next fall, so stay posted.

Scroll down for information on the specific topics we are studying this Lent.  We use the popular Little Rock Scripture Study materials.  They are geared for YOU if you think of yourself as an “average person” who wants to deepen your knowledge of God through the Bible, but doesn’t want to get too academic about Bible study. You will

  • Spend 20 minutes a day reflecting on scripture, using a study guide and text.
  • Be guided by the study questions which invite you to apply the Scriptures to your life today, as well as help you delve more deeply into the text.
  • Share your responses with others at the weekly group session at the  Benedictine Peace Center
  • Listen to a brief live or video talk providing additional teaching about the Scriptures you just discussed
  • Let the sharing of the Scriptures lead you to shared prayer

Bible Study discussion on Catholic Little Rock Scripture Study


2017  Lenten Scripture Study Sessions

The Gospel of John

The Wednesday morning sessions for Lent, facilitated by Sr. Doris Oberembt OSB, cover part II of the Gospel of John and the Johanine Letters. The meetings will run from February 22 through April 5. Classes are held from 10:00 – 11:45. Those who attended Part I of the Gospel of John last fall do not need additional materials, but please pre-register by Feb. 17.  New participants should pre-register by February 15 so that materials can be ordered. The text for the Little Rock Scripture Study, The Gospel of John and the Johanine Letters, includes the sections of the Bible to be studied along with a commentary. For more information, email S. Doris Oberembt   or call 605-668-6292.

Click to download a brochure or a flyer about our Lenten Scripture groups.  Print it out and share with a friend!

Written in a poetic and symbolic style, John’s Gospel tells the life story of Jesus, the incarnate Word of God. It begins with his heavenly existence and his descent into the world. It follows Jesus through his public ministry of ‘signs’ that lead to his passion, death, resurrection, and ultimate ascent to the ‘glory’ of his heavenly Father. Many of Jesus’ miracles and teachings in John appear in no other gospel and what is common to John and any of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) is always told in a distinctive fashion by John. John places a special emphasis on Jesus’ commandment to ‘Love one another as I love you’ (John 15:12). The Little Rock Scripture Study

on the Gospel of John

The Panorama of the New Testament

The Wednesday evening series for Lent 2017 will be facilitated by S. Mary Jo Polak, meeting 7:00-8:30 for five weeks with the first session on March 8.  The text for the Overview of the New Testament consists of commentary with Biblical references; you will want to bring your Bible to sessions. For more information, e-mail  S. Mary Jo Polak or call 605-668-6292.  The deadline for registration is February 22, to allow time to order materials.  The weekly topics in this quick overview are

  • Introductory Session (March 8)
  • Lesson 1—The Good News of Jesus Christ; The Synoptic Tradition  (March 15)
  • Lesson 2—The Lukan Writings; The Johannine Tradition (March 22)
  • Lesson 3—The Great Letters of Paul; Captivity, Eschatological, and Pastoral Letters (March 29)
  • Lesson 4—Hebrews and the Catholic Letters; The Book of Revelation (April 5 — We end before Holy Week to give you to give you the time to attend Holy Week services.)
You are invited to enter the biblical story of the New Testament beginning with the gospels and working your way through the final book, Revelation. Discover God’s plan of salvation running throughout the story and characters, both familiar and unfamiliar. A wonderful way to begin New Testament studies but also a lovely way to look back over the journey you have already taken. The Little Rock Scripture Study

on The Panorama of the New Testament

 Catholic Bible Study

Come back in a few days to download a brochure or a flyer about our Lenten Scripture groups.  Print it out and share with a friend!

Learn about the Little Rock Scripture Study programs by watching this introductory YouTube.

The Little Rock Scripture Study has additional resources on-line, such as these article on Hearing the Good News.

Click for Directions to the Benedictine Peace Center at Sacred Heart Monastery.

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