Doing God’s work together — with one heart and one soul

Welcome to the Sacred Heart Monastery, home of the Yankton Benedictines.




Seeking God everywhere and in everything, every day of your life.

Hearts restless for God, join us.


 Pursue and nurture peace, we’re doing it as a family; no Sister left behind.

In Monastic Life

Building up the Kingdom of God; if you’re called to it, there’s nothing better.

Consider Vocation

Explore what it takes to be a Yankton Benedictine; together with ONE HEART,  loving Jesus, your sisters, and the world.

Retreat at the Peace Center

Renew your relationship with God in our monastic space. Private, group, and overnight retreats.

Become an Oblate

“Seek first the Kingdom of God.” Become an Oblate and share our Benedictine Spirit, connecting and learning from each other. 

Silent Retreats at Peace Center

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Explore handmade keepsakes and spiritual art and literature. We invite you to Browse and Buy, including many Sister Made items.

A life of prayer is waiting for you

The call to religious life is unique for each and every person. We want to walk along this journey with you. Consider this your invitation.


It’s our job to model a willingness to serve, embrace opportunities, nurture strong relationships, and see the big picture. Learn more.


“I have known sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery for over 40 years between living in Nebraska and South Dakota. Without exception, each sister’s unique Benedictine spirituality has drawn me into a deeper walk of faith. When I come to the Monastery for retreats, I feel welcomed, loved and on “holy ground”. I always come away prayerfully enriched!”

Bill Kubat

‘‘This is a beautiful and holy place to encounter God. The Sisters are so very welcoming and the setting is right along the river … I love coming here for a break from busy life.”

Colleen O’Neill

‘‘Faith runs deep here.”

Roger Schmidt

‘‘Beautiful people with wonderful hospitality.”

Lisa S. 

Monday Moments @ Facebook

Join Sister Maribeth Wentzlaff every Monday, leading us in meditations inspired by the  Benedictine living community. Open to everyone.