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“Collaboration is a style of performing ministry in a way that is completely based on the identification, release, and union of all the gifts in the Christian community so that the mission of Jesus Christ continues” (Br. Loughlan Sofield, ST).  Collaboration was the overarching theme for the gathering of professed Benedictine Sisters aged 55 and under that took place in Beech Grove, IN from April 21 to 24.

Six of our sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery traveled to Our Lady of Grace Monastery to join in the conference. They gathered with 74 other Benedictine Sisters encourage collaboration and celebrate their hope for Benedictine life. The sisters came from monasteries across the United States and Mexico.  This included the three federations of Benedictine women–Federations of St. Scholastica, St. Benedict, and St. Gertrude–as well as two independent congregations–Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and Missionary Benedictine Sisters.

The New Wineskins: Benedictine 55 & Under Gathering conference has as its purpose to connect Benedictine women to sharing ideas, resources, hopes, dreams, and building new relationships among them. The Sisters heard from various leaders regarding the theme of collaboration and had presentations on using technology as a way to collaborate around the country and the world.   They also shared in the joy of prayer, Eucharist, and play throughout the conference.  The Sisters at the conference continue to grow in faith and better equipped in collaboration as they continue the mission of Christ.

(Article thanks to Sr. Clarice, Vocation Director)

Blessings to you,

Benedictine Sisters 55 Under Conference

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