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What Is A Benedictine Vocation Like?


Yankton Benedictine Sr. ErinBased on the Rule of Benedict, a normal day in the life of a Yankton Benedictine includes several essentials: communal and individual prayer, shared meals, work in a particular ministry within or outside of the monastery, and building community relationships. In the morning, the sisters gather for communal prayer called Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist; they also come together for prayer at midday and in the evening. In addition, each sister spends quiet time daily in sacred reading called lectio divina, which includes study, reflection, and prayer , primarily with Scripture.

Depending on her particular ministry, a sister might work within the monastery or at a school, hospital, parish, office, or other site. In the evening, sisters spend some time, usually after the evening meal, with their living group sharing the day’s activities, perhaps playing cards or other games, taking a walk together, or occasionally attending a lecture, play or concert at the monastery-sponsored college next door.

Within the monastery, which houses approximately 85 sisters, YanktonYankton Benedictine Sisters celebrating Christmas 2010 Benedictines live in small living groups, in order to foster mutual relationships and strengthen community bonds.

At the same time, many activities embrace the total monastery community: several living groups might share a meal and prayer, liturgy teams regularly plan total community liturgies together, or one or more a living groups might host a social event for the entire community. Occasionally, sisters at the monastery and those ministering elsewhere gather for community meetings, retreats, or presentations on theology, Scripture, or spirituality.

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For more information contact :
S. Clarice Korger

S. Clarice Korger, Vocation Director
Sacred Heart Monastery
1005 West 8th Street
Yankton, SD 57078


Benedictine Sisters
Sacred Heart Monastery
1005 W. 8th St.
Yankton, SD 57078

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