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The Federation of Saint Gertrude

Greetings, Whew! It has been a busy couple weeks here at the monastery.  We hosted over fifty sisters from 14 different communities for the Chapter Meetings (official business meetings) of the Federation of Saint Gertrude.  It took the help that was offered by all our...

The Work of the Prioress

Greetings, As we prepare to elect a new prioress this Spring, we wanted to share with you the work and role of this sister in our lives as the leader of our Benedictine family. The prioress in a Benedictine monastery is called to be deeply aware of her role as the...

Joy in Service

Greetings, . Our sisters serve with joy in a variety of ways through sharing their gifts and talents with the people of God. This doesn’t mean a bit of fun can’t be celebrated along the way. . Sr. Bonita Gacnik, professor of Mathematics and Computer...
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