Sisters Patricia Ann, Barbara, and Mary Kay receiving a blessing from the prioress on their Golden Jubilee.


Each day of Catholic Sisters Week, we will be sharing the stories of our Jubiliarian Sisters, celebrating a significant anniversary in religious life of 25 and 50 YEARS of service to Christ, Church, and Community…

Join us in praying for Catholic Sisters and Nuns who continue to seek God’s Will and serve God’s people throughout our nation.  Pray also for women who continue to discern God’s will in their lives.

Sister Barbara was born on October 12, 1948 to Robert and Rose Marie McTague in Brookings, SD. She was the second of nine children. After graduating High School in 1966 she entered the monastery. In May of 1971, Sr. Barbara graduated from Mount Marty College with a BA in Elementary Education. She taught for over 30 years beginning with St. Joseph’s School, St. Therese and St. Lambert, St. Agnes, St. Patrick’s, and Aberdeen Roncalli. In 2006, she came back to the monastery and was the Vocation Director. Now, Sister Barbara serves at St. Mary Parish in Sioux Falls doing Outreach.

“My grandmothers were an inspiration to me. They were holy women. My grandmother, Cecilia Gengler, inspired me by her love of God and simple way she lived her life. While staying with her as a young child of 5, I promised myself to God. So, since I was little, I wanted to become a Sister. My parents prayed the rosary every night until I was born. Growing up in a large family made the community life of a Benedictine appealing to me.”

Some highlights of her life were getting to go to Rome and then going to Norcia to see where St. Benedict and St. Scholastica prayed. For three summers, she was able to fly to Seattle, WA to work on her Masters in Religious Education at Seattle University. She also attended the General Chapter in Fort Smith, Arkansas in the summer of 2002, giving her a wonderful experience of Southern hospitality.

“I love that community life is important to me. We truly are a family. Jesus promised that we would have life to the full, and I believe that I have had a full and blessed life as a Benedictine. For that I am grateful!”

Loving God, by your grace,
Catholic Sisters throughout the world continue to respond to Your Baptismal invitation
to live lives dedicated to prayer and loving service.
Enkindle in their hearts a renewed desire to be zealous servants of the Gospel
and continuing signs of Your presence in our world.
Preserve and strengthen in them the passion and the vision
to welcome and to serve all Your people without hesitation or pause.
As they strive to live the mission of their respective congregations,
empower them to do so with courageous simplicity,
consecrated celibacy, and committed obedience to Your will.
We ask this in union with Jesus the Christ,
who showed these dedicated women the way to living in union with You.  Amen.
~Mary Rose Romeo, SSJ

Blessings to you,

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