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We know that God is in the simple…

by Theresa McGinn | August 5, 2016 | Residential Volunteer

101_0840We know that God is in the simple, everyday things of life; He is there to be experienced in an infinite number of people and places and situations.  When we experience those seemingly same days for years, sometimes it becomes difficult to look for our awesome God in it all.  Coming to the heartland of America has given me such a renewed look at how simply and beautifully God presents Himself to us daily.  I saw God in taking care of the sick, in taking care of the disheartened, in watching nieces grow into beautiful young women, but now God has let me see Him in the feeding of a newborn calf, in the growing and tending of a fruitful garden, in the appreciation and smiles of grateful sisters, in the hug of kittens purring in my ear.  He truly is everywhere to be seen and experienced, and sometimes He allows you to go somewhere new to experience Him in a fresh way so that you can once again be awed by His greatness and simplicity in the everyday things of life.

-Theresa McGinn

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