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Living A Balanced Life

 Reflection on a balanced life by Sr. Maribeth Wentzlaff OSB

balanced life

Yankton Benedictines Sr. Maribeth

*  As of June 4, 2017, S. Maribeth Wentzlaff  accepted a six-year term position as Prioress for the Yankton Benedictines. The reflection on a balanced life below is from her previous ministry serving as the Director of Campus Ministry at Mount Marty College.

Upon looking at my messy desk and observing my jam-packed daily schedule, an outsider might question my Benedictine Balance. Granted, I do keep some crazy hours with my ministry (as the Director of Campus Ministry and Director of Residence Life at Mount Marty College), family, and community commitments. However, balance means more than having a clean desk or an 8:00 – 5:00 job. To me, it means finding time to grow in body, mind, and spirit every single day.

The little things …

Whether I am doing my morning exercising, walking to and from work, going to daily prayer and Mass, fishing with family members or other Sisters, praying the Rosary with the College students, or watching a Minnesota Twins baseball game, I find time to connect with God over little things. Part of the trick in finding balance is to see God in the ordinary and to keep God at the center of everything.

balanced life

Yankton Benedictines Sr. Maribeth food project

I do throughout the day. If I lose sight of God in my busy, hurried schedule, I become like a washing machine that is off-kilter and needs to be realigned before it works right and the cycle can begin again. Prayer (both communal and personal) is my great stabilizer and equalizer.

Thank God that I live in a community where I can be called to be all that I can be spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Benedictine Sisters
Sacred Heart Monastery
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