Meet Sister Anna Dangel


S. Anna Dangel

S. Anna Dangel

As a student at Mount Marty College, I got to know the sisters who were my teachers and models as Women Religious. Today, I am living my Baptismal call as a Benedictine Sister. I made the life choice of commitment to the monastic way of life. The choice fits me in responding to a lifestyle of simplicity and conversion that makes a difference–through obedience in serving and doing God’s will.

My favorite part of my vocation is seeking God together in community. Our daily work and prayer has routine, ritual, and rhythm, which gives stability in a rapidly changing, violent, and materialistic world. I find my place in this tapestry of diverse gifts and personalities that each person contributes to our community. I enjoy working with our team in doing retreats for young people preparing for Confirmation and Busy Person’s Retreats with college students.

Benedict’s Rule, based on the Gospel, is the jewel that we follow for common living of peace and righteousness. We strive to love by “being first to show reverence to the other” so that we can promote a common witness to spirituality and hospitality to one another and to the stranger. This can be challenging. I presently help with welcoming guests and giving tours of our home. Our visitors come from every walk of life, both far and near. We welcome all of them as Bishop Marty Chapel TourChrist.

I’m excited about the future of religious life because we have a history in Yankton, South Dakota of serving God’s people in education and healthcare. We are a rural community that has touched many lives throughout the area in serving the needs of the times. I have been privileged to teach in four dioceses as an elementary teacher and director of religious education and parish ministry.

So as we journey towards marking 150 years of Sacred Heart Monastery, I am deeply grateful and amazed with the sacrifices and profound values that I have found in this joyful witness of “one heart and soul.”

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S. Anna Dangel