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Sister Francine Streff on Benedictine Flavored Creativity

Sister Francine with a few of her creations.

Sister Francine with a few of her creations.

Sister Francine Streff

Art has been at the center of my life for as long as I can remember.  My grandfather told me stories as he drew the characters.  I grew up as a farm girl knowing that God’s hand was at the center of our work:  the bounty and the beauty.

I learned about the connection between art and the Benedictine life from S. Leonarda.  She taught calligraphy at Mount Marty College when I was a student.  Prayer always began our class.  She had a firm conviction that all good works begin with prayer.  I took advanced classes from her in calligraphy and watercolor and that feeling of thanking God for our talents and asking blessing on the work was again present.

Sister Francine teaching calligraphy to, then, Novice Peggy

Sister Francine teaching calligraphy to, then, Novice Peggy.

My own calligraphy, weaving and other forms of creativity have become an important part of my prayer life.  Prayer cards, greeting cards, calligraphy pieces, watercolor pieces and rugs all have origins in my prayer. St. Benedict asks us to pray always and all ways.  I live here at Sacred Heart Monastery surrounded by beautiful works of art.  I live with many talented and creative women who affirm each other and challenge each other as we live this Benedictine life.  It is a life I have chosen.  For our final profession Sister Erin and I created a sentence that I believe speaks of our journey:  “From our roots, this our journey seeking God.” That journey encompasses being a “Benedictine Flavored with Creativity.”

Sister Francine is often found in one of the ministries of Scared Heart Monastery, the gift shop.

Sister Francine Streff

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