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Jubilee Sisters Summer 2015 Silver Golden Celebrations 2 Yankton Benedictines Sacred Heart Monastery Sisters

Sr. Penny, Prioress; Srs. Marielle and Janice, Golden; Sr. Maribeth, Silver; and Sr. Jeanne, Sub-Prioress


Each day of National Catholic Sisters Week, we will be sharing the story of one of our new members or Jubiliarian Sisters, those celebrating significant anniversaries in religious life!  Today, we honor one of our Golden Jubilarian sisters as we remember her 50 years of service to Christ, Church, and Community…

Sister Janice celebrated her 50 years of religious profession at Sacred Heart Monastery, Yankton, SD  on July 11 in the presence of her community, family and friends.  S. Janice, along with twin sister, Jean, grew up on a farm in the Dimock and Parkston area with twelve other siblings. Her parents, the late Peter and Clara, instilled in their children the love of church, family and farm life.

Janice attended school in Dimock where she was taught by Benedictine Sisters from Yankton.   After graduation she worked five years in the Parkston Hospital before entering Sacred Heart Convent in August of 1963. What surprised her at first in convent life, she says, was getting up so early as well as some of the food being served, like cereal for supper. After monastic profession in June 1965, S. Janice worked at the hospital in Tyndall for two years as nurse aide and as store room clerk before being assigned to Madonna Rehabilitation Home in Lincoln, Nebraska. At Madonna she worked six years as nurse aide, then  was asked to serve at St. Joseph Indian School in Chamberlain, SD. She returned to Madonna Home in Lincoln two years later in 1970  and was assigned  to Dietary as  Kitchen Supervisor and part time cook,  a position she held for 32 years until she retired to the monastery in 2006. S. Janice prefers to say she worked with the kitchen staff instead of supervising them.  She enjoyed the position and the people she helped very much. In 2005 S. Janice was honored with the Caring Kind Award at Madonna and was pleasantly surprised to see many of her family members present in Lincoln for the ceremony.   In retirement at the monastery S. Janice continues to help in assisting the Sisters in the Care Center and at activities whenever she can.

Looking back on her experience as a  Benedictine, S. Janice writes, “My life has become service for others.  Mostly this has been for the elderly throughout the many years at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and now at our monastery Care Center for the older Sisters. I could not have imagined the joy and satisfaction I have received through these years, I thank God for these many blessings.”


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