Praying In Color

Praying In Color

Praying in Color Retreats is an outreach ministry of a team of Sisters that ministers to the needs of young people of grade and high Yankton Benedictines Pray with colorsschool age, to the parents and teachers who work with them, and to the young at heart of all ages. Confirmation classes can make their re-treat at the monastery, and your elementary school students can have an enriching experience by visiting the monastery for a Praying in Color Retreat. Click here to explore some creative spiritual experiences.

Come, visit the monastery and experience the presence of God through color, taste, sound, and craft. Let your crea-tive juices flow. A team of Sisters will guide you in prayer, reflection and ritual. We offer you the opportunity to visit the monastery chapel and experience peace and quiet in this beautiful space.

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Sister Kathleen Courtney OSB
1005 West 8th Street
Yankton, SD 57078

Sister Kathleen Courtney
605-668-6194 | 605-668-6000


Praying In Color Adults

A retreat is a time to step back, to be still and to nurture our relationship with God.
All of the adult retreats are three hours in length. Usually the retreats are on weekends to accommodate work schedules or during the day.

Advent: Finding Emmanuel WithinYankton Benedictines Adult Prayer In Color
Using the Sunday gospels of Advent, we will reflect how our mentors, Isaiah, Mary and John Baptist sought to prepare their hearts for the birth of Emmanuel within.

  • How can I simplify my Christmas preparation in order to focus more on Christ being born in me?
  • What family practices could I encourage to make Christmas a more peace and prayer filled experience?

Lent: Gardening Time for the Soul
We often think of Lent as a very long 40 days. Lent can be a time for a growing within.
Lent is springtime for the spirit. It is a time to plant the seed of God’s Word in my soul-garden. We live in a rural area and are dependent on the forces of sun, rain, and good soil.

  • How do I nurture God’s Word within my soul?
  • What are the forces around me that help that nourishment?
  • How do I keep that Word of God growing in me everyday, even when the sun does not shine?

Sabbath: Making Soul Time
God has planted in us a natural longing for rest, rhythm, and renewal. It offers the gift of balance. In Sabbath time we are valued for not what we do but simply because we are alive.

  • How do you balance work and time for yourself?
  • Do you find value in leisure?
  • What brings you life and enjoyment?

Finding God in Our EverydayYankton Benedictines Adult Prayer In Color Blue
God surprises us each day with His gifts in nature! The retreat invites you to grow in your friendship with God by engaging the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of life around you. Simple ways of praying will be explained.

Cup of Life
All kinds of cups sit in your kitchen cupboards, hang on pegs by your coffeemaker or tea kettle and are in stores in which you shop. Even if you are not a coffee or a tea drinker, you probably have a favorite cup that has a special meaning for you.
Bring your favorite cup with you to this retreat.

You will examine how an ordinary cup used every day can draw you closer to God.

  • Is your cup empty?
  • Is your cup too full or maybe overflowing?
  • Is it cluttered with…
  • Is it broken?

For more information or to schedule a retreat visit.

Praying In Color Children

A retreat is a time to step back, to be still and to nurture our relationship with God.

The children’s retreats will be held during the school day or on a weekend. They are usually one to two hours in length. The retreats Yankton Benedictines Praying In Colors Childrenare designed for grades 3-5 although they can be adapted for grades 6-7.

Praying in Color
Children are invited to enjoy a contemplative moment. This one-hour retreat invites students to experience prayer using color.
It offers the opportunity to invite God into the students’ daily living as they pray for themselves and remember others. This is excellent for Catholic Schools Week.

Advent: Come Lord Jesus
This retreat offers students the opportunity to look for the birth of Emmanuel by using a word a week in their Advent reparation. Participants will be introduced to the historic St. Nicholas and the spirit of giving through a PowerPoint and making gift boxes. St. Nicholas Yankton Benedictines Praying In Colors Children St Nickmay even pay a surprise visit.

–How can I prepare for Jesus to come into my heart this Advent/Christmas season?

–Do I see Jesus as the best gift ?

–How do I share that Gift with others?

Lent: Journey with Jesus
This retreat offers students a time to reflect on how they might follow Jesus this Lent. Lent is a time when we often think of giving up things but how can we make it a time of giving of ourselves and our time. The format will be prayer, discussion and a hands-on activity.

–What do the Gospels of Lent say about how I can live each day?

–What practice will bring me closer to Jesus?Yankton Benedictines Praying In Colors Children Crofton skit

Praying In Color: Teachers

A retreat is a time to step back, to be still and to nurture our relationship with God.

All of the teacher retreats are three hours in length. Usually the retreats are on weekends to accommodate work schedules or during the day.

Advent Stories, Rituals and Teachings
This retreat is designed for classroom teachers, CCD teachers and parents. The retreat addresses key Advent themes and personalities: Isaiah, John the Baptist, Mary, and St. Nicholas. We will reflect on the meaning and use of various Christmas symbols: creche, candle, wreath, poinsettia, star, gifts and the O Antiphons (titles for Jesus). Format includes lecture, active participation and hands on materials.

Journey with Jesus This Lent
This retreat is designed to help you follow Jesus more closely this Lent. Format includes lecture, active participation and hands on materials.

  • What do the Sunday gospels suggest for my day-to-day living?
  • What Lenten practices will lead me closer to Jesus?
  • How can I let the seed of God’s Word grow in my life this Lent ?

Yankton Benedictines Adult Prayer In Color Teachers

“Called by Name”

A retreat is a time to step back, to be still and to nurture our relationship with God.

Yankton Benedictine Confirmation retreat monasteryParish Confirmation Retreat:

Benedictine Sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery will come to your parish to assist your students in their preparation for Confirmation. Better yet, you may bring your students to the monastery to experience prayer with the Sisters as part of the retreat.

The creative and experiential five-hour retreat, led by an experienced team (link to staff) focuses on a conversation about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, embracing the sacrament of Baptism, and their vocation and service to the Church.

Yankton Benedictines Confirmation RetreatRetreat Format:
Eucharist with parish or monastic community

Introduction: revisiting and ritualizing our Baptismal call with mime, PowerPoint and reflection



Yankton Benedictines Confirmation Retreat MasksFour concurrent sessions:

1. Theology of Gifts of the Spirit and reverencing their Baptismal name
2. Creation of Gift chimes with stained glass
3. Journaling: Writing with Jesus daily
4. Creation of masks and reflection on the masks we wear

Integration and gathering of the wisdom learned from the retreat, Love/gratitude letters written to parents, Reconciliation or closing prayer

Praying/Playing with Stained Glass

A retreat is a time to step back, to be still and to nurture our relationship with God.

Stained Glass Retreat:

This retreat is held at Sacred Heart Monastery.

Yankton Benedictines Retreat Stained Glass 1Yankton Benedictines Retreat Stained Glass


Yankton Benedictines Retreat Stained GlassGather six people you enjoy being with and spend the day (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) designing, creating and gluing stained glass mosaics (chimes and votive lights). To begin the day there will be time for quiet reflection with the beautiful stained glass windows of the monastery chapel

The cost of the retreat is $30 each, which includes all materials and lunch in the monastery dining room.

Photo of the "Praying in Color" staff

Praying In Color Staff

The Confirmation Team: (from left to right) 
S. Kathleen Courtney, Novice Theresa McGinn, S. Peggy Venteicher, S. Anna Dangel, and S. Marietta Kerkvliet.

Sister Kathleen Courtney OSB
BA Mount Marty College in education
MA Northern Illinois University in DeKalb in art education
MA Oakland University, Oakland, CA in spirituality
Veteran teacher of elementary and college levels, retreat work, stained glass creator for monastery and enjoys tending her courtyard rose garden

Sister Anna Dangel OSB
BA Mount Marty College in education
MA Graduate Theological Union, School of Applied Theology, Berkeley, CA
Veteran teacher, tour guide for monastery, curator of Peace Museum, monastery display case coordinator

Novice Theresa McGinn
Former second and third grade teacher in a Montessori school in Florida.
Veteran teacher, formation classes, and Gift Shop staff for Sacred Heart Monastery

Sister Marietta Kerkvliet OSB
BA Mount Marty College in Elementary Education
Master in Religious Education for the University of St. Thomas in Houston
Veteran teacher, religious educator and pastoral minister, certified Spiritual Director, past Vocation Director and current Liturgist and Postulant Director at Sacred Heart Monastery

Sister Peggy Venteicher
BSN Mount Marty College, 2001
Experienced nurse and experienced mentor to young people