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Silent Personal Retreats and the Benedictine Peace Center

Are you hearing the call to a personal retreat?


“Come away, and rest for a while.”


We are currently accepting fully-vaccinated residential retreatants at the Benedictine Peace Center on a limited basis.  We ask that our guests wear a mask and social distance in common spaces within the monastery

In the event of illness or symptoms, you need to inform staff, be willing to quarantine at the Center, and make arrangements to return home as soon as feasible.

You are welcome to contact us for reservations.


Jesus invites us to pause for Sabbath time to renew our energies and refresh our spirits.

The Benedictine Peace Center is designed for silent personal retreats in monastic space, where you can be alone or join the Benedictine Sisters at prayer and meals.  Your stay at the Benedictine Peace Center includes a private room with bath, meals & snacks.

Flexibility — make this the experience you need!

You can walk in nature, relax with a book, enjoy solitude.  (We have a great library available for you!)

You can join the Benedictine Sisters for meals, prayer, and Mass, or you can choose solitude.  If desired, you can meet with a spiritual guide.

Your personal retreat can be any length and begin on any day of the week; contact us to reserve the number of days your schedule permits.  

Looking for an individually directed retreat?

Arrangements can be made to meet with a trained spiritual director to guide your retreat time.  When you schedule your retreat, let us know which of our staff retreat directors you would prefer.

I have found the Peace Center to be an anointed place to rest from the often overwhelming pace of the every-day world.  The gardens and grounds are marvelous in their inviting beauty.  The many well-kept walking paths and benches offer ample opportunities to “be” in the peace of nature.  And the accommodations are exceptionally thoughtful for each guest.

But above these things are the Sisters themselves who offer a genuine welcome to anyone in need of retreat.  They warmly invited me into their space, but also gave me the freedom to choose how I would spend my time.  These gracious hostesses have gently reminded me of the deep impact of slowing down.  I intend to make more trips back to the Peace Center and would highly encourage others to do so as well!

Liz Teel

Youth Pastor, Community Reformed Church, Sioux Falls

Yankton Benedictine Retreat Center Personal Retreats meditation in solitude outdoorsInquire about an appropriate offering when you make arrangements for your stay.

Reserve space or inquire via e-mail at, or call (605) 668-6292.   

See Silent Retreats Brochure for more information.  Here is a flyer you can print out to share.

Directions to the Benedictine Peace Center at Sacred Heart Monastery.

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Benedictine Sisters
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