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Sometimes, you only need a sandbag for great things to happen

by  Theresa McGinn | September 11, 2016 | Residential Volunteer – Residential Volunteer Program

picture0911161342_1_copyAs I walked along 4th  Street on Sunday, trying to avoid all the pitfalls and potholes associated with the road construction, I noticed a little tree growing out of the soil in a torn sandbag.  For having so little to start from, this tree was sturdy and reaching for the sun.  That tree, I thought, must have a lot of faith that what it will need to continue its journey will be there.  How often do we limit God and ourselves by obsessing about what we did or didn’t have growing up?  Whether we start out in the dream situation or not, what it really takes is our faith and trust in the grace of God; that He will be there for us, like the sun for this little tree.  We just need to reach upward and outward toward the sunlight.  Nothing was going to stop this little tree from attempting to become what God destined it to be—not traffic, nor construction, nor lack of soil.  A sandbag was all it had, so it made the most of that blessed soil.  I thank God for the little trees in my life that remind me to look to God’s grace and blessings for all I need to grow, too.


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