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Greetings,Sacred Heart of Jesus Icon Author Mary Charles references Yankton Benedictines Sacred Heart Monastery Sisters

Tonight, we begin our celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the patronal feast of our monastery.  We will begin this evening with Statio (solemn procession into Chapel) and first Vespers of the Liturgy of the Hours for the Feast.  The celebration continues on the day of the Feast with our prayer and Eucharist being celebrated in the Bishop Marty Chapel.  The Psalms and antiphons all echoing the reminders of Christ’s great love for us poured out through His Sacred Heart.

“Let us love one another with fervent love, endure one another’s infirmities; patiently serve and obey one another, and prefer nothing whatever to Christ.”
~ Vespers Antiphon

The day of prayer is accented with little joys to join in the celebration:  flavored coffee and a special treat during the day, time to gather for laughter and recreation, and an abundance of red or hearts around the monastery.  These little joys are part of our family tradition.

Our traditions are also incorporated the Liturgy of the Hours celebrating the Sacred Heart. It is seen in the music and chant written by our sisters or in our yearly dedication to the Sacred Heart.

Other traditions are seen in the art that surrounds us and is even built into our monastic home itself.  The mosaic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (pictured at the bottom of the page) is in the Chapter room of our monastery.  This Sacred Heart of Jesus was designed by the artisan sisters in our community years ago; at that time, each sister in our community joined in the art by placing individual tiles within the design.  The lintel block of our name (immediately below) was placed above our early convent doorway over a hundred years ago.  When we rebuilt the monastery in 1999-2000, the lintel was preserved and still declares our presence.  Today, it is built into the retaining wall of the flowerbeds in front of the monastery.  Tradition runs deep in our Benedictine life.

“Thus says the LORD: When Israel was a child I loved him, out of Egypt I called my son.  Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk, who took them in my arms; I drew them with human cords, with bands of love
~ Hosea 11

We invite you to join us in Bishop Marty Memorial Chapel for our celebration of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:

~ First Vespers ~ Thursday, June 7th at 5:15 PM
~ Lauds ~ Friday, June 8th at 6:30 AM
~ Celebration of the Eucharist following prayer at approximately 6:50 AM
~ Vespers ~ Friday at 5:15 PM

Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapter Room Theology Institute Icon

…Community Prayer of Dedication to the Sacred Heart…
God of all creation, and God of our hearts,
on this feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
we remember the love with which you first loved us.
We remember the gift of your Son,
Jesus Christ who brings us to birth and feeds us
with the blood and water flowing from his side, pierced on the cross.  

Inspired by the Spirit of Love, we desire to give our hearts to you,
and to make the heart of Jesus our own.
Through his most Sacred Heart
we consecrate to you our monastery, the life and work
of each member of this community, and our beloved sick.
We ask you to receive this offering, which we make through Christ,
in the power of the Holy Spirit, one with you forever and ever.  Amen.

Blessings to you,

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