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The Work of Our Hands ~ Sister Viticulturist

GGrape Juice 2 Homemade Sister Vinter Yankton Benedictines Sacred Heart Monastery Sistersreetings,

The monastery hallways were filled with a wonderful, tart smell this week.  One after another of our sisters followed their noses to our communal kitchen to find the source of the intriguing smell.  They found one of our ‘retired’ sisters hard at work simmering her carefully nurtured grapes into juice and jelly for the monastery.

When our Sister retired from her work as a hospital chaplain and moved home to the monastery, she continued to serve the community with her baking and gardening skills.  After her move home, she added “viticulturist”, the cultivation of grapes, to her repertoire.  She has been nurturing her 25-30 vines…watering, weeding, and protecting the vines from hungry turkeys, she has been harvesting grapes during the last several years.

Her vine-ripened, sweet produce will soon be topping Sister Baker’s breads and rolls as well as adding a sweet-tart drink for breakfast…

Blessings to you,

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