Take A Virtual Tour of Sacred Heart Monastery

Welcome to our Virtual Tour page!

If you are not able to schedule a tour in person in the near future, consider this a sneak peak! The featured viewer below starts the tour with the lower level of Bishop Marty Chapel, called the Peace Chapel, and concludes with the south lawn. (See list below)

Bishop Marty Chapel: (Virtual Tour-2)  Front entrance of Bishop Marty Chapel: (Virtual Tour-5)

 Dining Room: (Virtual Tour-9)   Benedictine Peace Center Central Gathering Space: (Virtual Tour-19)

 Benedictine Peace Center Bedroom Accommodations: (Virtual Tour-21)   Monastery Cemetery: (Virtual Tour-Cemetery)

 Outside Front Entrance Monastery: (Virtual Tour-Chapel)     St. Benedict & St. Scholastica Sculptures: (Virtual Tour– Meditation)

Monastery Front with Marty House: (Virtual Tour-Monastery Front)      Riverview: (Virtual Tour-River)

South Lawn: (Virtual Tour-South Lawn)


Navigation Guide:

Double Left & Right Arrows: Move to next panorama

Four Square Boxes Images: Allow you to see whats behind and what’s ahead

Tools in the Middle: Right, Left, Up, Down arrows navigate the current panorama. Plus sign: Zoom in, Minus sign: Zoom out. The image with arrows  pointing out: Enter into Full-screen mode

Down arrow next to double right arrow: hide menu

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