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What volunteering at Sacred Heart Monastery means

by Theresa McGinn | October 25, 2016 | Residential Volunteer

Volunteering at Sacred Heart Monastery definitely does not mean that you will always be the one giving or doing for others. I have received so much more in return. For example, Chef Staci with HyVee volunteered her time to teach a cooking class to Sr. Patricia Ann Toscano, Raelynn Caldwell and myself. She taught us the art of developing the perfect crunch coating for a veal parmesan, the time-saving way to make chicken pot pies using pastry puffs, and finished the lesson with the most scrumptious pistachio biscotti drizzled in white chocolate. Of course, we then ate what we learned. Education can be absolutely delicious! I cannot wait to try out these recipes with family and friends, here at the monastery and back home in Florida.

Life is about continually growing, learning and sharing. It seems that no matter how much you give in life, there is infinitely more ready to be given back to you. You merely have to say “yes” to the opportunity. –Theresa McGinn

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