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Year of Consecrated Life ~ Sister Doris


As we continue in this Year of Consecrated Life, we will be hearing from our sisters.  They’ve been invited to share about our Benedictine life.  Sister Doris wrote about the blessings and challenges of our Benedictine call to consecrated life…

I was a middle child in a large family of eleven children.  I learned early on in life the joys, struggles and power for growth in that kind of experience.  So I anticipated finding mSister Doris Oberembt Yankton Benedictines Sacred Heart Monastery Year Consecrated Lifeuch the same in becoming a member of our large Benedictine community in Yankton.  In many ways that assumption proved to be true but in other ways the diversity of personalities, backgrounds, age differences, interests, education, life experiences, perceptions, values and expectations that make up my Benedictine Monastic community proved to be a much richer experience and gift than I had ever imagined.



As with every gift there are concurrent challenges, so with the many blessings I receive from my sisters there is also that gradual, but sometimes painful, letting go of my limited way of seeing the world and my expectations of others.  The daily give and take of life in community challenges me to begin to learn to live in a more open and receptive way in order to be able to receive, affirm and relish the gifts of others.  Daily I am inspired by the many acts of generosity, joy, compassion, and prayerfulness of my sisters.   Even my inevitable struggles in relationships within community lead me to new understandings, new ways of seeing and living life with gratitude and compassion.



I believe that one of the greatest gifts we have to offer the Church and our world today as Benedictines is that of being a faith-filled, loving, joyful community of women in love with God and cherishing God’s presence in our wounded but beautiful world.  That then spills over into the fruitful ministry of sharing the Good News of God’s great love and the worth and dignity of each person.

Blessings to you,

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