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Committed to each other.

Rich with history, the Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery are a shining example of a life of prayer made together. We are a religious community that offers spiritual guidance, ministry, and volunteer opportunities steeped in Benedictine values, peace, and monastic spirituality. 

Ours is a full life. We’re PhD professors, nurse practitioners, and social workers. We’ve found a place to call home, where we put those skills to good work in ministries around the world. 

We have the connections and the relationships here that serve up clear direction and spiritual guidance. We’ve spent a lifetime honing the kind of skills that help us do God’s work together.

Join us in community with 70 Benedictine Sisters in Yankton, South Dakota, who work, pray, and play, and celebrate together. 

Live according to St. Benedict

We live in a monastic community according to the Rule of St. Benedict with its 1500 years of lived tradition.

Obedience & Conversion of Life

Spiritually led

We are led by a prioress, who is the spiritual leader of our community, and one whom we believe is a voice and presence of Christ in our lives.

The Alps to the Plains

We are women of the Dakota prairies who trace our roots to the Swiss community of Maria Rickenbach, nestled on the side of a picturesque Alp.

Ministering to God's People

We are women, who since 1880 — beginning in Maryville, Missouri and then in the Dakotas and beyond — have ministered to God, God’s people, and each other.

Pray. Work. Leisure.

We strive for a balanced life of prayer, work, and leisure in our lives.e, and each other.

We share our hopes and dreams, our resources and talents, our challenges and sorrows as TOGETHER WE SEEK GOD.

Answers to your prayers….and answers to your questions.

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Build bridges between Benedictine tradition and contemporary life.

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Mission Driven

Be Benedictine

Catholic communities are shrinking. In fact, a recent Gallop study found that “decline in church membership has been greater among Catholics. Twenty years ago, 76% of Catholics belonged to a church; now, 63% do.” 

And that’s a shame. Because what is also happening in our modern world is a sharp increase of people who are seeking a purposeful and spiritual life. They want to realize full potential and be a part of a community of God, growing together. 

People are seeking God’s will within meaningful relationships, working together to build His kingdom; spiritual seekers called to become who they were meant to be and to do something special with their life. 

It’s our job to bridge this great divide. A lack of visibility, ever-decreasing family size amongst Catholic families, and a lack of discernment have left communities aging out of existence. 

Monastic life needs a bit of a rebrand. We’ve got to dispense with some pretty outdated ideas about The Sisterhood. Our messages need to be ones that will land in the right ears at the right time. We need to show the world a clear path to wholeness and connectivity. 

Won’t you join us on that mission?

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